3Rensho Track Blue

Same parts different frame.

jesus, where you get all the san-renchos amigos :-o

1 is ok, 2 is greedy.

Yeah, I know but I can’t help myself! Both off the Bay, one from melbs the other from the U.S of A

real nice.

what kind of white tyres are those?

Vittoria Zaffiro Pro?

Where’d you get the tyres?

there are from Kalavinka in Tokyo, Deus has a bunch too.

Nice Ken pursuit.

My friend Tara has a 3Rensho that looks almost identical to this.

yeah, this is wayyy less beat up though. So nice!
I watched this go on ebay a few months ago.

Yours has Everest lugs though, beater or not it wins IMO.

Nah, different frame I bought this off the bay 2 or 3 years ago.

Terence’s world of crazy, beautiful bikes. White rensho is my personal fave.