3Rensho Track

3Rensho track bike

A rare 3Ren with blue decals. A Yellow Jersey import, not stamped NJS, factory drilled for a rear brake.

Campy C Record hubs, Campy omega V rims, Campy Record cranks, bottom bracket and seat post, Cinelli 2a stem, nitto bars, Concor saddle, toshi straps.

they look like Suntour Superbe Pro cranks?

I have to admit, white tyres look great when they’re new and unused.

vely nice

one of the nicest cleanest bikes i seen on ere

i like the Kenevens pursuit too.

Yeah you are right. I didn’t look at the pic properly before posting. :stuck_out_tongue:

^What’s that mean?


I keep forgetting about all your bikes. Let’s get you back on the street asap.

Mate, I can’t wait. I borrowed Ev’s trainer and had a session tonight, fantastic!
BTW I have a new addition to the bike family.

dont tell me, surprise me sometime. :lol:

Holy shit! that Ken is crazy!

very nice.
tyre question applies here also…