4 Stolen Bikes [Perth]


A mate of a mate of mine had his garage broken in to Tuesday 31st January 2012 :mad: He had 4 bikes stolen:

PK Ripper Fixed (alloy) (featuring a hydro disc on the front)
Hillbrick Pista (silver)
Avanti KISS 29er (green)
Scott Sub 10 (white)

If you see them or have an info please contact me or Nathan 0407 773 997

Thanks. Mike

will keep eye out on gumtree/ebay/bna/tri.wa

Sounds like someone knew what they were after mate. Could well end up on the east coast

I gotta make my shed a bit more robust but I do have the mutt patrol.

I haven’t looked at my shed for days. All my bikes could be gone too lolol

This! Thieves attempting to take my wheels will be greeted with 45kg of German security:

Reckon Ive got about 60+kgs or so spead unenevenly across the 2 schmutts.