$400 softride

softride, 400 bux. buy it me it?

Softrider Racer, in good condition, extremely rare. | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Brunswick

im still kicking myself for passing up on one that was going for $100 =(

I would love that bike, if I don’t end up buying a track frame I’ll be getting a softride.
But eh, no moneys.

Also frame is tiny and we have no idea what the most likely shit groupset is, saddle which is ‘carbon fiber’ looks torn to all shit, y’know, so it’s not the softride to buy, if one was looking for a softie.

Just so y’all know … Softride’s should really be called Shitride. The reason they came and went is because they’re crap. Save your $'s for a traditional double diamond frame.

And what about the trek Yfoil which was like, so quick the uci outlawed it?!?!

Softrides are the new Cannondale Track.

Probably ride like shit, but they look cool and are becoming more desirable by certain people.


fucking this ^

They came and went with oval shaped chainrings.

The UCI outlawed everything without a rear triangle. This includes lots of frames, some fast and some not.

I will stop taliking to you if you buy a softride Dylan.

They really do ride like shit. I picked one up quite similar this week but it was dirt cheap so I thought why not. Now I have a sweet pub beater bike!

I’m scared the beam is going to come off and smack me in the face. I guess that adds to the excitement of it?


Whats that based on? How many times have ridden a sotride, or any bike, for 5hours or more on aerobars? Yeah, theyre probably shit for climbing cols in france, but herses and singers are shit for four cross.

I am generally happy to defer to your judgment, but bikes biilt for triathlon shouldnt be shat on because they have different design objectives to road bikes. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you might be on it backwards :wink:

Personally I think softrides look awful, I’m a little confused why people think they look good. I guess you either love them or hate them.

I had one, now it’s my brothers.
It was slightly small for me I think but it wasnt much fun to ride. I wouldn’t buy another one.
But they are pretty cool.

There is one finishing up on eBay in 15mins currently @ $84 dollars.

Ended at $130. Damn looks near mint. Still got the ano on the rims.

Now $300

Softrider, excellent condition, rare! | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Brunswick