47 at avalon

crazy shit. thankfully its a saturday so not too many people are working… this would be a nightmare to commute, work, concentrate etc in

47.9deg at 2:50pm is impressive. 46.4deg here in the city.

I just rode past the big neon sign on Lygon st that has the temp on it and it said 49… probably not 100% right but still…

Saw a couple of brave riders in Fitzroy- even a brakeless yellow fixie! :-o
Goodluck with the wind mate!

What a weird apocalyptic day…

When I rode down Hoddle st this afternoon I thought i was going to get the Northerly as a tail wind. But instead the change came and i got the epic Southerly.

What speeds were the winds getting up to?

EDIT: 43km/h gusts at 5.00pm