5 Panel caps

does anyone have any 5 panel hats they are willing to part with for the right price
my beloved supreme hat has recently deceased and i cant find any i really like
anywhere at the moment
or if not do you know any good stores in melbourne that sell them
or stores online that will send to melbourne



and eBay Australia - Buy or sell practically anything on eBay, the world’s online marketplace

PS: I have a Supreme one, a Huf one and a Quite Life one. That’s all.

I just had the people at Giramono make me a batch using calendar tea towels.
Am I weird for having over 100 calendar tea towels in the cupboard?


I think the tea towels are probably the tip of the iceberg.

are you willing to sell any of the hats man
either supreme of HUF

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thanks man

did you need to start another thread to ask about hats on a cycling forum when i already answered your question in your last thread?

I love it when The JAMS gets feisty.

ONLY have some sweet 5 panels… or i love the 5 Panel by Mishka which has their logo written in cyrillic over the top of it. Plenty around just gotta find em!

nah i didn’t in hindsight
but i created it before your post so ease your beans
thanks for the someday tip though


All my socks are red Explorers. When I wake up and it’s dark and I grab 2 socks from my drawer they always match.
And I prefer to eat salad with chop stix.


When I bought my Supreme hat, it was from the Supreme store in Harajuku, Tokyuo.

It was really hot, but raining on and off.

I kept taking my spary jacket on and off, and at one point put it on inside out. I managed to try on a hat and look in the mirror in the store with my jacket on inside out, and not notice I had it on like that.

I reckon those dudes would’ve laughed at me once I left.

The moral of the story is, always check which way your jacket is on (unless you’re trying to start a new trend) and if you want an easily avaliable hat, check with google first.

For all things snap backs and five panels the sneak and destroy dudes on the gold coast kick ass.
They got boxes and boxes of old cool snap backs coming in ever couple of weeks from the states.

Yeah, that’s where I got my HUF one from.