5 Speed Campy

I’ve got these ol’ 5 speed, Campy Record High Flange road hubs, but the sprockets/cluster is held on with a DURA-ACE lock ring, WTF??

What are the chances of the thread being fucked behind said ring, ie, is it a major difference in threading?

Just wanted to find out before I try and undo said ring to clean them up for impending sale.

Any help,

Thanks, Ev.

That photo is way too small, but here goes:

  1. Never unlace a wheel without removing the freewheel first. It will have to be relaced now to get it off.
  2. The freewheel threading is close enough for Campy/Shimano etc that it doesn’t matter (1.37"x24tpi IIRC) if you use a Regina/Suntour/Shimano/Campy freewheel.
  3. It’s not a lockring, it’s a multispeed freewheel that uses a 2 prong tool to remove it. Suntour went to a 4 prong because you generally couldn’t apply enough torque to get it off without destroying something. The splined interface used on later freewheels was better still.

Hhmm, didn’t realise the pic was so small.

I might have a look around for the prong tool, I’ve seen something like that before. Yeah, the tip on removing cassette before unlacing, but the back wheel was close enough to destroyed when I got it!

That explains another set of low flange hubs, Campy with Regina, cool thanks for that.