52cm 650c Evolution road frame.

Evolution 52 cm Steel Road Bike Frame and Fork 650c | eBay

unfortunately, still too big for my wife.

What size you need ? And are you searching for a 650c (junior) frame?


How tall are these girls?

That sounds a little creepy H.

haha seriously, my girl is 160cm and I’m looking at a 50-51 cm top tube.


152cm tall. will get her a 650c in time, just gotta be patient (and wait for a shop sale most likely)

Still in the shed…

you should both PM user ‘dromedary’, i think she may still have a few very small frames/completes for sale…

she has/had the 39ST 48TT (??) reynolds thing, but that was 700c wheels…

user DICE had a small frame up a while ago, too small for what i was looking for.