54cm Perkins in Vic

Looks nice and for only $850. I’d buy it if I needed another track machine

Perkins steel track bike 54cm | Other | Track Bikes for sale in McKinnon | 102513867

I still don’t understand why a perko columbus max (frame, let alone complete) for that price hasn’t been bought yet. I’m just going to assume someone is heading over to that guys place right now to pick it up

Damn I have messages him.

oh thats nice

Wow and wow, I like.

man, my size & a killer upgrade from the Fuji!!

Someone buy this and ride the shit out of it on the boards,

Er, what do you mean, “misshapen?”

anyone here get this?

Looks bigger than 54 anyways.

Yep got it.

So is it a 54?

always lurkin, waitin for dem bargains.

Is that “the Mitch”?

It’s ‘Mitch the…’


Lovely, glad someone here got it. I can’t believe that’s what you can score for $850 these days…or you could go to the shop and buy a very average Chinese turd for a couple hundred more :confused:

Nice pick up,

Yea rad deal 54 seat 55.5 tt

I actually emailed him and got a reply while I was in chadstone but I’m building a new roadie and timing was not good, good to see it’s gone to a good home, very jealous I’ve always wanted a perkins max

A Perkins 55cm 753 Roadie would float my boat.