56cm columbus frame with campy atlantas


might be a good deal, don’t know much about the frame builder. the wheels are worth a bit at current prices…

Joe Cosgrove is up here in Brisbane - he paints all the bikes built by Darrell McCulloch (Llewellyn), he is also an accomplished frame builder himself.

They’re just a freaking deep-v (albeit nicer), get over it peoples!

wasnt saying id buy em, geez horatio. if ppl want to pay stupid money for a glorified deep v, let em. i was just sayin’…

Sorry man, didn’t mean to come across aggro… :wink:

none taken.

but if someone wants to part it out, theyd do ok.

Paging Blakey to this thread, stat!

Pfft gone.

As of the weekend :wink:

i’m taking the wink to mean the gyppo snaked it.