5700 shifters

I found this on amazon
Amazon.com: Shimano ST-5700 105 Shift Lever (Black, 2x10 Speed): Sports & Outdoors

too good to be true, i think so, anyway i dont have a us address to post em to so i cant order any.
Im sure someone would be nice enough to do that for me? yeah?

so you reckon it’s too good to be true, are willing to order anyway, and want someone else to get involved to help you out…?

I’ll do it. Just send me the cash in an envelope and I’ll order them as soon as I can. I know some people in the states. Could take a while though, so don’t try and contact me after you send the money through.

Meh. Bike24.net sells the same shifters for A$190 (150 euro) and they ship to Australia. There’s probably other places even cheaper (the English online stores are often cheapest).

Or make jontay a good offer and sell what you don’t need.

can i get in on this jono?

Setting up a Kickstarter if you wanna get in on the ground floor.

When I put it up they were save 99% and 4$ a set, I just couldnt order them to aus. I guess someone realised.