57cm ELAN frame by Peter Rhodes $100.00 BIN

Vintage Elan road frame built by Peter Rhodes 57 cm | eBay

Great buy, someone get on it.

while on the topic, anyone got info on peter rhodes?

offer made

Wow, if it wasn’t a bargain already!

And she’sa’mine

I know its a design feature and for good reason, but that head tube looks naff.

Post pics when built up pleazeeeeee

Bump. Elan frames - anyone know much about them? A Google search didn’t yield much.

BNA has a thread lumping them in with Europa and Abeni, did Peter Rhodes build all three? Are they generally good quality?

I thought John Abeni built Abeni and Europa?

this is mine

^ So what do you think of it?

I think your right, however it sounds like there were other people building for Europa in the late 70’s/early 80’s. So Peter Rhodes was the owner of Pulteney St Cycles in Radelaide. I’m not sure if he built Elan frames or just contracted Europa/John Abeni to do them…I’m not even sure if Elan were exclusive to Pulteney St Cycles or not. Sounds like John Abeni is a man of very few words and doesn’t give much away.

To answer my own question; Elan frames seem to be of medium to high quality, and unlike many Europas, weren’t just re-badged imports.

I have seen a medium quality rebadged import Elan, though. From memory it was made of Iswiwata PG tubing, tange dropouts, Exage group - probably Japanese built. It was about on par with a nice Repco Superlite.

I’ve seen half a dozed mostly 531 elans go through bumtree in Adl in the last 12 months. All had Peter rohdes decals on them. Probaby a bit like the pursuit brand, some were Wayne Roberts built and others were just rebadged Ricardos.

think peter rohdes is now associated with track cycles at norwood?

mine has a pulteney st cycles sticker on it.

don’t know if the frame is quality or not, it has internal cabling. I like to ride it.

Lolly pop Elan

ELAN triathlon / road bike (early 80’s) | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Charles Sturt Area - Pennington

^ That’s what started this thread dig :smiley: