58cm custom roadie, gusset lugs, smoke paint - VIC

is nice.

Retro Custom Road Bike | eBay

is very nice.

Is watching

Surly worth the bin?

I would have thought, especially if its your size.

I agree, would probably be in the boot of my car if in BNE.

My size and very very fucking tempting.

dooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt

tristan is somewhere between melbourne and sydney, he’s days away from buying it…


Can confirm that the frame is not ‘custom made’ by Cycle Science, but it may have come through the store as a custom build. None-the-less this looks alright for the BIN price.

why is this still for sale???

Retro Custom Road Bike Perfect For Fixie | eBay

^ this

Actually, would anyone be willing to pick up/box for me?

Or mine! Are you collecting all the “smoke” paint job frames in Australia bro??

What’s Suntour GPX like in the scheme of things?
I’m so keen for this to be turned into a townie with flat bars but argh New Zealand.
Someone buy my Guerciotti, or the wheels on it or crankset :slight_smile:
EDIT: just messaged the guy, if its all working i’m gonna pull the pin

Please remove temptation from me! Here is some info he sent me earlier if it helps.

“I had the bike custom built for me in the 90’s, it’s in very good condition with no damage. It’s been stored hanging on a wall for most of it’s life. Rides well, it was serviced 18months ago and has done approx 200kms since then. I could pack it for your courier but if I need to pay for packing materials I’d have to add that to price”

sweet cheers that’s a goer then, hope he accepts $400 BIN :wink: cheeky I know but worth a shot

From the limited research I did I while back seems to be third tier from the top suntour
Superbe pro>sprint(sl)>gpx

Team foa

Doesn’t really look like theres enough clearance for fenders though-which is the road i’d take this down.
Reckon I could squeeze some in there?

buy now, ask questions later