60cm road w/shimano 600 $250 BIN

Vintage Road Bike 60cm Shimano 600 700c wheels | eBay

Whats a Ukai, looks like a good buy

Probably means the rims are Ukai.

I’m 183cm tall there’s no way I could comfortably ride a 60cm frame.

I’m 183cm and was professionally measured for a 62cm frame

I ride 54 and 55’s… Short legs, long torso though.

I am opposite. I am 185. And according to an online fitting site after inputing all of my measurements, I should be riding a 55.4 with a 110 mm stem. I ride a 57tt 61st with lots of post and an 80mm stem. With Bullhorns though. Bad fit, I know

i have the proportions of a barbie doll, seriously.
183cm tall and should be riding a 63st 57tt, so annoyingly hard to find a track frame in my size, at a decent price.

^ unlikely that would be the outcome if you had a fit done…i know everyone is different but that sounds way off

any clues as to what the frame is?