61cm bianchi pista

If anyone is interested.

someone jump on this!
maybe i need another one as a beater…

I’m going to have a crack for a very tall friend.

hope he’s not too ‘very tall’. at 6’5" the 61cm is still a bit too small for me.

I was thinking it’d make a nice winter bike with two brakes and full fenders.

damn, someone’s bid- anyone here? Hey The Jams I’m the same height and ride the 61 (or 62) steamroller frame. How come the bianchi is too small?

I know the seller of this bike he is a good guy and the bike well looked after. The rear wheel is also really nice.

Bianchi measures the seat tube C-T, whereas Surly measures C-C (or C-top of top tube). so looking at the geo diagrams for both, the surly 62cm is actually 2 cm taller than the bianchi 61cm, just about the distance i reckon would make it just right for me… :x



thanks for that. I was curious about the larger bianchis. i tried a 59 and it felt ridiculously small. the surly is a perfect fit, so much so i got a cross check frame in the same size a couple of years back. seems hard to find the larger frames in aust

stay away from the auction everyone

(cos a friend is bidding on it :-P)

bids furiously with no real requirement for the bike