650b rigid fork aka "Bikepacking Fork thread"

Yep. Exactly. And I agree that I prefer it to the RWS syntace 12 rear too.

Tom has had issues with his getting stripped out (He said to me that he though it was from over-tightening but I am more of the opinion that it was more likely to have resulted from crossthreading - alloy on alloy so pretty easily done).

Good cheap option but it is a proprietory design so pretty much game over if you’re in the middle of nowhere (short of drilling it and inserting a split pin!). Would much prefer a standard maxle type.

^ Yup. The dudes at Capital Cycles were able to find a slightly larger bolt which they screwed in with some loctite. There were 3 threads they could salvage. It got me to the finish line, but the extra two opening/closings of the quick release when packing/unpacking the bike resulted in it coming loose on my first WNR back.

Now it is back to being creaky as fuck when I am out of the saddle climbing. Worst axle.

Which reminds me - I should probably order a new one hehe

E: despite proprietry axle I really love the fork. After a weekend spent at Warramate and Lake Mountain trails I have decided I want to run rigid full time :smiley:

I reckon LP might want your shocky one then

I think I spoke to him about this aggges ago. Not enough steerer cos of my slammed, -17 lifestyle.

LP needs a fork with more steerer than fork leg

Update for the XMI users: this axle arrived today.

The QR mechanism looks much more reliable than the stock one, but time will tell eh.

Any steel, tapered forks for 15mm thru axle with rack or triple boss mounts? The salsa one is at and most off the others look custom. Like the look of the curve carbon fork with mounts but $600 is out of my budget.

tapered doesn’t matter for steel steerers, don’t limit yourself. cane creek make adaptor crown races to use straight steel steerers in tapered / 44mm head tube frames.

Was more the 15mm TA that I was finding limiting, not the tapered steerer. Thanks for reminding me about those adaptors though.

Contact Dan at Hunt bikes maybe? If you do find anything please report back I’m after the same thing.

And further to what Blakey says CC reducer crown races are good. otherwise hope makes adaptors which also work but these add a few mms to the fork A to C length.

For TA15 there are generic adaptorsavailable to reduce them to 9mm QR.

I think the Surly ECR fork with one of these adaptors is the best cheap option.

There’s always this fork:


current batch underway, so you’ll have to wait until the next run.

65mm rake, 1.125 steerer, lowrider/porteur/guard mounts. no triple bosses. comes in qr/12&15 thru options

Won’t be very suitable for the for 100mm suspension 29er Aeons has (I think). The salsa fork I think he’s referring to has a AtoC of 483mm.

ahh, did forget about the axle to crown thing.

What axle to crown length do you need?
ECR for 268mm, Krampus for 283mm (there are two versions of the Krampus fork)
I’m running a Salsa Fargo V2 fork on my El Mariachi, 268mm A-C, straight steerer, 9mm QR.

Correct, the Hunt fork is actually perfect. Might shoot him an email, thanks!

Not so sure on the long struts for the rack.

Fits both 700 and 650B.