650b'ing a Voodoo Wazoo

Thought this might be worth a shot asking here (given that a few people on here have/had this frame)

I’m tempted to switch my Voodoo Wazoo over to 27.5/650b so that my bikes all have the same wheel size, and to squeeze a little more volume in (currently clears a 40c at 700c)

From swapping my other bikes rear wheel over, it seems a ~48c tyre does clear the frame with 3mm or so clearance either side (fork isn’t original and has plenty of space), so seems to work in principle.

Am I missing something/is this a terrible idea?

terrible idea. sell the frame to @erle to dispose of.

too smol for erle, and has a nasty dent in the tt

Do it.

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I have no problem with this way of thinking and think you should do it.

I don’t think I’m too good to be running a lot of post and stem.

But yeah do it, and the worst thing you can do is run 42s which I’ve done before in my wazoo