650C Bundy

Who’s really short?

650 CC Junior Road Bike | eBay

Thanks erle!! Been looking for a roadie for the mrs
For a while, just sent it through to her.

Glad to help :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to get her THIS!

Sorry Mrs Greenmachine, a dear friend of mine just pulled the pin, she’s been searching for something that actually fits her for a while now…

Any recommendations from you NSW peeps for a bike store located near Woollahra who can be trusted to box it up at a decent price? What is the going rate these days anyway?

If you get it dropped off at Papillionaire in Surry Hills I can box it up for you (we have shitloads of bubble wrap and cardboard I can pack it in). I can box it up on friday when I’m working. PM me if you’re keen.