653 Van Werkhoven 53sq track

Lovely frame.Nice paint too. Ambitious asking price but I imagine the seller will let it go for a few hundred less than this.

Van Werkhoven track frame - Reynolds 653, Suntour Superbe headset NJS FIXED GEAR | eBay

saw this, agree the price is a little silly.

Not as silly as this Kypo.

well the kypo is complete, so proportionately silly id say!

the first “auction” ended with no bids (starting price $2,000)
it was $1850 yesterday, has come down again.

he’s dropped it by $300 since i last saw it. maybe he saw gene’s comment…?

i don’t really like it either, although i kinda think it might just be the bright green bar tape that i can’t get past… (both visually AND racing at DISC)

i does like, have since i first saw it’s pearly paint earlier this year…the green just makes me think of Sam’s bike now.

would own…not at that price.

that’s unfortunate

Check his other listings…
He had the Geoffsco listed a few weeks back, but his location stated ‘NY, United States’.
Same pics, same bike.

Something’s up?!

Maybe he has dual residency?