7 Pillars Ride

A 4 person team race with 7 checkpoints handed out two weeks before the event. Make your own route but it is expected to be 120 - 150km.

$1,000 tax deductible donation per team (i.e. $250 each) but the idea is to do some fundraising to cover it. All funds go to RBWH Foundation. Early bird discount available until 5/8 reducing the donation to $800 per team.

RBWH Foundation - 7 Pillars Ride

So it’s basically a team alleycat, just longer.

Any interest here? Need 3 more for a team.

was actually reading about this earlier this morning - could be keen

So it’s only about 30-40 ks each?? Sounds good reckon I could even get myself fit enough to smash that out. Can’t really afford to pay the entry fee but if someone has some fundraising ideas I’d be keen as the Col. Team Gear perhaps??

it’s not a relay marty - all four riders have to pass the each checkpoint before progressing to the next one

interested…but i don’t wanna be the one that holds everyone up…

also keen. would be good to see a few teams try and tackle this.

^bungy cord?

So it’s just a team TT? Fuck that, too bloody far…


I’d just have to pre-roll. I get bored sitting in the saddle for that long, maybe i should slip a bit of LSD in my bottle.

^^ last warewolves i had to roll while riding, get some skillz man…

n checks dig guys wif skilz

highest point on course elevation is at 221m, 8kms from RBWH. coot-tha? the flat profile towards the end looks suspiciously like mt cotton/bayside.

this is on again, sunday april 29.

7 Pillars | Enter a team now!

anyone interested?

hmmm - point system is a little different form last year.

I’d be up for it.

isn’t sunday zupps ride though? :wink:

don’t mock me mutha fuka!!!

I could be persuaded for a good cause

i’d be keen


yeah meng i’d get involved

is that 4? ry ry could be our sub. just saying