700c tyres; gimme the fattest you got

Can any one recommend some big fat tyres.
They will have to fit onto 700c velocity deepV’s.
Fit between the stays of clubracer frame made for 28’s.
And old school calipers will need to fit around them, front and back, this is a ‘gasp’ non-fixed project.
Other then that I want them as fat as possible
So, just how fat do 700c’s gets?
A cursory glance at Melb’s LBS’s and the all mighty internet reveals bog standard skinnys and little else.


i’ve got michelin 32 semi slicks. steve has 35’s which i think where OEM, kind of commuter style grip. cyclocross tyres can be larger, depends on whether you want a tread pattern or not.

issues which i have run into include the tyre rubbing on the top of the fork, and the brake caliper bolt, and being physically unable to fit certain brakes on. the caliper i’ve got at the moment is total flexy shit, but only clears the tyre prperly after 10 kms of bedding in on new tyres… also, tube selection is a bitch with deep V style rims. when you find a shop which sells long valve tubes in your size, buy a couple.

the big tyres looked really fat with a black frame, but now i’ve got a lighter colour paint job, the effect is visibly lessened, and i’m thinking of switching back to 25’s next time i buy new tyres so that i can do skids again, i find the added contact patch makes them much harder. but i am a sooky rider, so that might be a personal thing

Those new wave 29er tyres are actually old-school fat 700Cs, so you can go much fatter than the frame will take. Most hybrid tyres are 700C also.

check out http://www.moruyabicycles.com.au/index.html?lmd=39624.498160

you’ll see you can get 700x28, 30, 32, 35, 38, 40

I’ve got some cyclocross tyres (Michelin Jet 700x30) whose tread could suit a commuter.

Michelin Transworld even go up to 700x47 (http://www.phantomcycles.com.au/product.php?productid=2036&cat=86&page=1) but probably not suited if you want your wheels to turn, rather than just look fat/phat!

Vittoria Randonneur, sizes from 28-48

As LAM said i use 35’s on one bike, great tyres.

Make sure you can get the right tubes before buying fat tyres

There’s heaps of them out there. Depends on what you want them for? Street, cross?

Your limiting factors are going to be frame clearance AND rim width - some fat tyres aren’t going to sit too well on a narrow rim like a deep-v … really big tyres are constructed for a wider bead seat. It’s the INSIDE width of the rim that matters, which from memory on a deep V is about 15mm.

See this link from the late great Sheldon Brown:


Scroll down until you get to “Width Considerations”

I run 700c x 37mm conti sport contacts on my commuter pig- they’re fucken lovely but I use a wider rim (WTB dual duty XC) with 'em because I’m a fat bastard. At Cecil’s they were about $40 each. Just for fun I shoehorned them onto a CXP33 wheelset and they felt all wobbly like my big girl’s butt, especially rolling around corners at low speeds. They’re rock solid on the wider rims - Sheldon speaks the truth. Assuming you could fit them in your frame, you’d probably be pushing the envelope at 35 with the deep-vs, depending on the tyre, then you might struggle to find long stem tubes to suit.

Fat tyres are also going to be 2-3 times heavier than skinnies by the time you add a suitable tube - they’ll roll nice but will be harder to spin up and harder work up hills (which’ll make you stronger anyway).

Here endeth today’s lesson. :smiley:

Ahhh soooo
Maybe I’ll just trade/sell my deepV wheel set for something more suitable.
With the Miche hubs they are more quality then the bike will need but I’ve got them here doing nothing so I figured I’d just use them.

But If I’m doing that I might as well trade to a more suitable frame as well. Something that’ll take a front pack rack…

Oh man, this is starting to sound like work.

Anyone want to buy a Bates clubracer? and a miche/deepV wheel set?
Seriously I don’t want N+1. Its dangerous for me to be even talking about it.

go on then…

give in…

dooooo it…

Look at:

Surly Cross-Check/Long HaulTrucker

Pake C’Mute (http://www.outsideoutfitters.com/ps-2291-1034-pake-cmuter-frame.aspx)

Cotic Roadrat (the Product of COTIC cycles : Roadrat, for commuting, training, touring, cyclocross, family rides, courier work...)

…I’m lovin’ my Roadrat. Rides sweet and the build quality is outstanding for the pricepoint. There’s no OZ distributor but I bought the frameset from Paul at Essence Bicycle in NZ - he’s a top bloke and was running out some stock to pay for a baby.

All can be run geared/ss/fixed, all have room for bigger tyres, all have plenty of rack mounts, all have canti bosses, all made from bomb-proof 4130 CrMo (I think the surlys have hi-ten rear triangles), all have 132.5mm rear spacing for road or MTB hubs. All can be bought cheap if you’re prepared to mail order from OS.

Sheldon is wrong on this subject.

Some of us remember when Bontrager was cutting down Mavic road rims for use with 2.2" MTB tyres. Provided the pressure is up enough (as will happen with road tyres) and the correct tread pattern is chosen, there are few problems with narrow rims and wide tyres. Another example is the comparative width of 3" MTB tyres and the rims they are used on, they exceed Sheldon’s recommendations.

Don’t fit tyres that have ‘fag-paper clearances’ to your frame. Few tyres are 100% round, wheels and frames do flex somewhat and rims can go out of true.

…or try an On-One Pompino…I commute on one with 700X28 Contis , but also have a set of 700X35 Maxxis Locusts that fit in for fireroads etc