700x47c Fixed Freestyle bike with Disc brake.

Hi Guys,

This is my 2nd build, I wanted something that I could throw around a bit more than my regular bike. So i decided to build myself up a fixed freestyle bike but I wanted a disc brake to make it a little different.

Parts list:
Affinity Cyclone frame - Painted Wrinkle black (did a bad job here but its going to get scratched to hell anyway so im not bothered fixing it)
Surly 1x1 Forks - Painted Wrinkle black
Resist 160mm 3 piece cranks - Painted Wrinkle black
Animal Pedals Clear
Skin Grows back Straps and Top tube pad
Unknown brand 33t sprocket
Shimano 14t track cog
Unknown brand half link chain blue
Volume 27.2 pivotal seatpost - Cut down so it can be run low bmx style
United Microfibre Slim pivotal seat blue
Unknown brand seat post clamp (soon to be replaced with a hope seatpost clamp)
Redline handle bars raw
Subrosa Alameda BMX Grips + Bar Ends Clear
Paul love leaver black
Shimano brake line
Avid bb7 203mm front disc brake
Cane creek headset black
Fly Pontencia Stem black
Wheel Front - Paul Disc FHUB black 36h, Black dt swiss spokes, black nipples, H+Son EERO 36h 700c
Wheel back - Paul High Flanged rear 36h , Black dt swiss spokes, black nipples, H+Son EERO 36h 700c
Tyres Michelin pilot sport lightweight tyres 700x35c front and back, was originally running a schwalbe Marathon HS 420 700x28c but decided to run the same size tyre back and front. I like both setups but for different things

I will be attempting to run pegs and see how they go but ill need longer axle bolts as paul hubs use female axles.

Looks good man

Liking it a lot. Been thinking of doing a similar thing with my Charge Scissor since I’ve stuffed my knee & the physio doesn’t want me riding brakeless.
What was the A-C of the original fork?

Great idea but not a fan of the fork, maybe something a little straighter and more heavy duty ala BMX/mtb style would suit better.
Are you planning on doin tricks or just cruisin? Cos I wouldn’t run pegs on a 10mm axle.

larfinboy - Fork geometry is the same as the original fork, only difference is that its curved instead of straight, cant tell the difference between the two at all.

Markee - The fork seems pretty heavy duty, Its a MTB fork just not of typical straight design, but i like the curve as it matches into the curved seat post. Tricking the bike, and yeah I’m scared of braking axles with the pegs but I might try put some longer axle bolts and see how it goes, I wont be grinding it anyway pegs would be more for standing on.

I like it man!

Looks rad, give some pics of you riding it!

Maybe not on those hubs, but you can usually get away with 10mm axles if you’re not doing big stuff. At least they’re female, so if you break a bolt it isn’t as bad as replacing a whole axle. I’d swap the bolts for hex head bolts though, shit idea using allen heads in pegs.