75% through first fixie

Hi there.

Fixie noobie question - how do I know what gear ratio to select and where is the best place to buy the parts. I have a wheelset that can be fixed or freewheel but is currently freewheel, and don’t know what I need to buy to put on the fixed side?? I am also unsure of what to do with my cranks and what front chain ring to crack on there and where to get it?? Any help or advice would be appreciated.
It sounds like I am also going to get the wheelstrike problem because I have an old frame with 700cc wheels - do most people just live with that or should I make the effort/spend the $ to get a new 27" wheelset?
Brakes - my brakes are seriously old - what is the norm for brakes. Do people put on front and rear, and buy new, or stick with an old set. What options work best??
Keen to get any ideas to help me finish this off.

You need a track cog and lockring, North or Southside? (so as I can point you in the right direction for shops)

You want a cruisy gear ratio or you will snap your little noob legs off, try something like 48tooth front, 18 tooth rear, or 46 - 17

You need to work out what your front cranks are, and what the Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) is, that is assuming it isn’t some one piece shitter crank, if it is then tie it to a kite, fly it in a thunderstorm so it gets struck down by the heavens, bury the molten mass in a quarry and blow it up with high explosive, then buy real cranks.

Spend the money/effort and get a frame built for 700c wheels, its worth it with brake spacing and stuff, you wouldn’t try to fit into jeans 7 sizes too small for you, why put wheels that are too small on a frame? or if you really want get 27" wheels, it just means you will be limited when you want to upgrade

People usually just put a front brake on their fixed gears, old brakes could be shit and kill you, or they could work, pics/specs would be useful here…

Finally come for a beer and a chat when we go for a ride, we should be riding more soon and it sounds like you need some advice/fixed gear learnin’ we are friendly folks

Southside but work in the City.

Cool - I’ll go for a 46-17 so does that mean I need a 17 tooth track cog and lockring?

I have a good crank set a mate gave me - Truvativ or something like that - in good condition and the bottom bracket is also in good nic. I will need to get a 46 that fits the crank so my best bet might be to take it into a shop and ask what they think.

The problem with the frame is that I have one already and its golf tango golf (GTG) or good to go. I’ve never ridden a fixie before so not sure whether I’ll like it. I might just suck it and see for this being my first fixie - unless advice is absolutely to the contrary! Let me know. Pedal strike and brake issues are the two biggest concerns aren’t they? Do most people have custom frames?

You’ve convinced me to get a new brake and I will have to ensure that it is long enough to fit the 700cc wheels.

Very keen for beers and to get some tips so keep me in the loop when you guys catch up. I ride with CCC and ride MTB on the weekends aswell.

Cheers for your help.

toe overlap shouldn’t be a problem with an old frame and 700c wheels or even 27inch.

pedal strike might happen if the cranks are long but it only happened to me once so don’t think of it as fatal to your project.

just get a long reach brake caliper.

post some pics