753 Gazelle 'cross bike.

Check out the cable routing on this!

Marktplaats.nl - Gazelle Champion Mondial van kampioen: Herman Snoeijink! - Fietsen | Racefietsen

That is pretty cool … i’d still prefer the cable exposed though (lighter, less tricky).

753 is pretty light tubing, I’d want to check over the frame in person before buying. In saying that I rode and wrenched on a 531 Gazelle cross bike and that thing was sweetly dialed in terms of ride-handling. Very sweet. Mucho high rating by me.

I imagine it’s seen some serious race time:

Herman Snoeijink [1] ( Denekamp , August 6, 1951 ) is one of the most successful amateur cyclists from Netherlands .

Between 1971 and 1990 he recorded no less than 72 victories in criteria in the three northern provinces. Over the Netherlands was given the total number of victories over the 300.

On January 17th 1991 he drove a farewell match but then always remained brisk workout. His spare time, he then spent on providing training and coaching young talent. He was also more than 8 years coach of include the espoirs, the ladies on the road and cyclo-cross riders.

Then beginning in 2004 revealed that he conditionally still the best it could, he decided, with effect from the next season to drive contests. And with success, in 2006 he was Dutch and cyclocross World Champion in his age category.

He lives in Denekamp , is married and father of three children. In daily life he is a lecturer at the vmbo in Oldenzaal and is team leader of the Asito cycling team.

all the more reason to check for crash damage and to see if it might be at risk due to unseen corrosion etc

steel is steel, the riding doesn’t matter … crash damage, buckles, ding etc do.

That cable routing is puke

Cross bikes like these come up fairly regularly on here. I offered a girl on the street who was riding a Gazelle cross 75,-eu for her bike and she said yes (thought couldnt as I was already over my baggage limit). Bikes like this don’t necessarily share the same value there as they do here.

Rather have this one:

Rare Gazelle Champion Mondial Vintage Bicycle Frame Campagnolo Reynolds 531 | eBay