753 Vs. everything else

I’ve been looking at around different forums on the net and am beginning to wonder about peoples top 3 or so tubesets made… i haven’t ridden too many smoking hot frames and have always eventually loved what i’ve ridden. BUT after seeing a few reynolds 753 jackets around, the difficulty in the assembly of the frames, and chat on forums, i get the impresssion that its almost considered magical and perhaps more rad (radder?) than 853 and most other tubesets. i have a columbus tsx frame and a columbus genius… and to be honest i cant really tell the difference. but i want a 753 for some reason. my old shop had a columbus max gios and I only now realise how nice it was.

so what do people reckon… most desirable (and relatively accessible) tubesets…?

Anything 853 (the tubing not the fuck’n moderator of this site) and Tru Temper OXX platinum tubing.

  1. Oh, you said accessable.

753/653/531 - best stickers.

631 - awesome.

Columbus Max - race the clock

853 - not so good for lugged frames - short buttings - but great for tig and, by extension, fillet brazed frames. Light tubeset, currently available, gets stronger at the welded joints rather than more brittle, like traditional tubesets.

  • Joel