80's Guerciotti Track

Good looking fella :cool:

Vintage Guerciotti Track Bike Panto Campagnolo Record Pista Columbus Cinelli | eBay

i have a real soft spot for guerciottis. i think it’s the font.

Nice, especially with the panto seatpin, stem and chainring. Good value, but for the size…


Value for money. Great build. Great buying.

lovely seatpost…and fork !!

gahhh that chainring is bloody beautiful.

I’d love to kick some carbon arse on the track with this bike.

Paid $1K for a similar set up, he’s dreaming!

won’t sell at that price

You don’t think?? Even at the full asking price it’s decent buying. Offer starting at 1200 and maybe move a little on that and it’s a bloddy steal. It’s all matching all panto full of understated sex! If it were my size i’d consider not buying Christmas presents and make up an excuse why everyone got a box of favourites on Christmas morning.

id be surprised

track fixie fixed njs people all want a bargain because they are tight arses

its not a huge bargain at all imo, and fairly priced items dont seem to sell…


It is easy to say something is a bargain but actually putting down your cash is a little harder…

I did get $250 for my panto’ed post. And I didn’t have a panto’ed chain ring but hey the only thing worth riding on this set up for the street is the frame and hubs… everything else with break/flex and will be very expensive to replace (and yes so will the frame and hubs). It really is just a wall piece intended for a casual ride.

So if you have a passion for Guer’s and have a spare $2k sitting around get it, but you’ll never make much money on it and have a hard time getting back what you paid if you needed the money quick.

I’m all for vintage frames, but get one that has been ridden already has scratches and set it up with modern/semi-modern kit, or old crap that you can pick up cheap, break and then replace with modern parts.

The biggest mistake about the fixie crowd is that they think vintage is cool. Yes it is cool but there is so much better on the market for a cheaper price. Just get the balance and you’ll still have sexy vintage useable precious metal.

All the SSS guys on their Vig’s/Mash… have pretty solid bikes, they just won’t scratch them and look a little too themey/hip for me.
Nuff said

but if i have vintage parts people will think ive been riding since 1993

Oh and these frames are only Columbus SL.

Yeah but the last time practical and cool intersected was in the early 90s and even then the cool took 20 years to catch on.

Yet another amazing tarck bike for the vertically challenged that will never fit me this side of a dodgy surgeon. Is it just me or are 57-59cm frames hard to come by/hugely sort after?