84' hillman

bought the frame for 350

clearances are super tight.
upgrading my cranks to either sugino super mightys or some 75’s


have i seen this before? in bike porn thread?

any specs on the bike you have super tight clearance?

toight! love the font on the decal too.

A big thumbs up from my end. Knocking on the door of my top ten all time framesets on this site.
That colour is sweet, and a nice size.

blew my mind when i saw it up close. photo’s don’t do it justice.
how did you get it again?

Are those wheels too big for the fram or is that how it was designed, Im a little new to this stuff

the wheels looks really2 tight…

They’re 27’s.

some how i dont think they are 27"s they look 700c to me, its just a super tight track frame would be aggressive as fuck to ride love it though and as JP said awesome size… wanna sell it?.. jokes to much money involved in my current frame as it is

dude nice bike good to see another gene representing


They are 700c wheels just to clear that up. Was riding it the other day very very fun. Eu(bike)gene will never let this baby go I think…

Yeah this is my size by the look of it, if you ever want to sell it i’ll takeit :slight_smile:

i got it from this guy (dave) from the town bike store. used to be on the corner of st georges and hutton st in thornbury
thanks everyone, and its a 58 jp. aeons will agree that its a little big for me. but i dont care. never getting rid of it.

Such a sweet bike. That guy from the Town Bike store seems like a decent guy from the few times I went in and had a chat. I’ve got an '85 Hillman as my rainy day beater. The logo font seems to have changed around '84/'85. Mine’s not track though, very strange sizing and sloping down tube. Built for an ape with long arms but dwarf legs. The best thing about it is the WC stripes and the sticker on the headtube that reads “Champion of the World 1985”.

you would feel so comforted knowing your the champion of the world from 1985.
but i honestly think hillmans are suuuch nice frames. and yeah i dont know why the decals changed. may have seen you around
is it kind of a dark blue?

do you know if the town bike guy has set up shop anywhere else?

it is a nice bike, but a 58 is too big for you. perhaps don’t sell it straight away, but try riding a smaller frame around for a bit. you will notice a difference.

also, you should call up hillman. they should be able to tell you about the history of your frame.

Yeah it’s blue/white with yellow decals and old Shimano 600 cranks. It looks like a circus BMX when I ride it. I can’t stand and sprint without fear of eating the front tyre. I think the wheel size is wrong. Waaay to small for my legs. I really need to call up Hillman and find out more about the frame. Totally agreed on Hillman frames being rad plus they’re local. If it was champion of the world 1984 I’d be happier as it’d match my birth year.

I wasn’t even aware that the Town Bike guy moved shop. I always thought he was quite a way up St Georges Rd though and wondered if he was going to stick around. Pity as the shop had a good feel with all those old bike frames hanging up.

yeah i rocked up there one time but they were closed
i would love to know more
and ive been thinking about selling my roadie and making up another fixie that is more my size. and keeping the hillman for special/ track use

something like that?