853 Lemond

Hey guys,

Built this recently, and after putting a new cassette on decided to post it up.

Reynolds 853, 54cm Lemond
SRAM Red, except with a Force cassette
Reynolds Shadow wheelset
Nitto Pearl stem & ITM Pro-2 bars.

Dunno what saddle/seatpost, going to switch them out when I have more coin to blow.
Likewise, will possibly get a quill -> threadless converter and ahead stem.

Better to pics to follow on a better day, but for now:

New seatpost, saddle, bar tape & headset.

Liking this alot. How do those ITM bars feel/ride ?

That looks real nice.

Another stem option is to swap out the forks for 1" threadless. I’ve done this on my Cannondale, and Rhys did it on his Klein. Lightweight modern crabon froks on old roadies look bloody awesome.

Love new groupsets on old steel frames, good job.


They work well too… Rhys brought the setup I was rocking on my coppi.
You can get the alpha Q 1" forks on eBay every now and then…

They are a fair bit stiffer than the eastern forks and perform better under brakes.

Wow, I like this bike an awful lot. A fizik arione would look ace, and I have those ITM bars on my Look and they’re pretty good. Great for sprinting as the ones I have a quite wide, but I don’t like any of the other hand positions.
I converted to 1" threadless as the guys above stated and it was pretty good, recommended. However if you decide to stay threaded I have my old profile carbon fork here that I would let go cheap.

Once again, mint bike, and nice to see you lined the wheels and cranks up for the photo.

Looks ace! My size too! Hope my hillman turns out this nice!

Cheers for all the positive feedback guys. I’ll think about some carbon forks when my wallet allows, but I blew a lot on this bike in a week or so, so it’ll have to simmer for a little bit.

For the back end, I plan to get a thomson layback with fizik arione.

Black seatpost/black stem?

Also, using the stock reynolds skewers at the moment. So bad. I’ve tightened them to the point that I’m afraid I’ll snap the skewer cos I’m clamping it so hard, but I still pulled the back wheel out twice tonight. Just chucked my old (rusty) shimano 600 steel skewers in and boom. Problem solved.

That’s odd, but 600 skewers are very good. I would just tilt the bars back slightly so the shoulders/hoods ran level with the stem and it would look perfect.
Can you get a silver thomson lay-back? I like the look of the silver frame into seatpost and stem.

This looks super good! Well done indeed. Also, with those bars, what clamp size are they? I’ve been looking for something with an ergo drop that doesn’t have an oversized clamp.

Sames. I have 2 sets of ergo bars with 26 clamps, but wrong width. Need some 40cm wide, 25.4 clamp preferably. 26 if I have to, and not too deep! Cannot find diddly squat!


Nice chimps, love it-love the fact you always align your wheel decals too then deny it and say it was an accident…
1" threadless then a shim? If so I reckon that’s a nice way to go-not a big fan of those forks.

Whoops a daisy

I aligned the tyre labels with the valves. The rest was a co-incidence.

Getcha lycra on!

noice reubs, this is the WA one isnt it?

Sweet, but needs road pedals.

And road pedals need road shoes and I need more money

I have these skewers in my wheels, they’re done up so tight I reckon they’re gonna pull the threads out of the nuts. And still they slip a little in the dropouts if I really stand on it. Crap clamping:

I put in a pair of these Ultegra enclosed cam ones, no slip at all. Good clamping: