$900 Gumtree 'Bargain'

In my daily quest for bargains, I spied this.


Does this belong to anyone here?

Take a look -

Looks like a 27" ‘Indi 500’ that belonged to the era when Indi had their higher-end range made by Kuwahara in Japan - and of Tange tubes. I have an identical frame with Indi stickers and a small sticker saying ‘Made by Kuwahara’ on the chainstay.

Rattlecan job?

Campag Record hubs - it says ‘track hubs’ but looks like a standard hub with a BB lockring - though I may be mistaken?

KMC coloured chain - maybe a 410? It’d wanna be a 410HX, otherwise the bushes will ‘stretch’ (loosen) with nasty results.

Chain ring = 52t. Cog = 15t. 52X15 = 93.6 gear inches! You’d wanna be able to squat 150kg to get that thing going. On top of that, you’re gonna have to be able to squat 250kg to stop it! …And perhaps wear an asbestos suit - you’ll be doin’ some killer speeds at the top end!

Asking $900.

Now, I’m no hater - and I’m all about bi/re-cycle. Good on someone for having a crack at a conversion. But I fail to see how this is worth $900? Maybe just a lot of mark up?!

I get all my rebuild projects in for well under $500 normally, and I don’t skimp on quality nor components…

My 2 cents worth …


lol, i opened the link thinking you thought this was a bargain… and i was like. err…
then i read your post.
then im like… :slight_smile:

definately overpriced

the sad thing is, someone with no knowledge of bicycles might actually buy it thinking that they’re buying a “fully sik fixie brah”.

would buy for $250… for the wheels.

its gone… :expressionless:


I emailed the guy via the ‘gumtree reply’, in essence saying the ‘price was steep - lemme know how you go!’, and he replied quite courteously, surprisingly!

Maybe he is ‘reassessing the bikes intrinsic value’?

Or maybe - he just sold it?!