90's GT Gellite info ?

Hey all,

Looks like I’ll be picking this up this afternoon for real cheap. Supposedly all in good working condition and so on.

Description is very limited to ‘GT Gellite’
Quick google shows no results, it looks like a timberline or something similar from the 90’s (not very knowledgable on the GT frames)

Can anyone shed some light on this ? EDIT: Mainly wanting to know what kind of frame it is before I go look at it

It says timberline on the TT.

The decal is fairly scratched so I wasnt sure. Thanks

Any idea what the ‘Gellite’ would mean ? Or he’s just chucked that in the description

maybe the saddle?

Hot dog! We have a weiner!
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Timberline from that era should be Cromo, not sure if all cromo or just triangle, but they were pretty sweet in the day.

If I had written a list of 20 possible manufacturers of a saddle named Gellite (or anything else), ambrosio wouldnt have been on it. Learnin learnin, always learnin… though not always useful stuff.

On a GT related note, anyone put a triangle frame bag (the old type which also acted as a shouldering cushion) into a triple triangle frame? I’m hoping it looks like this but not green