93 Cannondale track

1993 Cannondale track bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North West - Chapel Hill | 1031369162


The pic is mirrored. You can see the Cannondale decal is back to front.

I know the guy selling this. Really nice bike, good guy too.

Works at one of the local shops

The decal is fine. The frame is inside out.


Nice one, really nice…wish I had some money laying around. Shitty pic though.

someone gets this, 1k is a bargain, I would definitely borrow some money from the bank if it was a bigger size

Dubrats rule 12. Never borrow money from a bank for a bike

This rule is essential. I’d actually extend that to never borrow money to buy a depreciating asset.

My cycling slush fund is essentially a closed loop at the moment: if I want anything other than consumables (chains/cassettes/tyres etc) I’ll something out of my stash to make it happen. Means I think long and hard about what I actually want/need.

There goes the automobile industry.

…and had this been 1 or 2cm shorter I would’ve got someone to post this down to Syd.

That’s if I hadn’t beaten you to it first :wink:

…did I mention that it’s my size? Oh lord, will probably just file this under “missed opportunities”.

i posted this because people seem to really like them and all, but -this may sound stupid- …why? what’s so good about them?

i dont know anything about them other than people love them

They stopped making them in the US some years ago so they’re hard to find and have that fixie mystique about them

They are pig ugly…

That fork looks like it came out of a parts bin and the track ends look like… I dunno, really shit and long.

But that’s just, like, my opinion and that.

Agree, what is go with these things being so sort after other than “fixie mystique”?

Dunno… maybe they ride nice, which is probably the point.

Fugly though.

But Im sure this will sell. Lovers gonna love etc

“last of the made in USA” ?