95 Vivalo Pro Special

Hey, took a couple quick snaps of my bike today and thought I would post it up.

So many nice builds show up here. This is just a fairly typical NJS build I put together about 18 months ago. It’s the smallest frame I have ever had but I feel at home on it. Also my only bike atm so it is used it for everything. Around town, long rides, fooling on the velo. Obviously it’s well heavy ha, but it rolls nice.

1995 Vivalo pro special. 110 rear spacing / 8mm dropouts.
Tend to change up between 47, 48, 49 x 17t ratios for whatever reason.
DA, Nitto, H+son, Fizik, Speedplay. Ugly no name seat post ha.

This is nice. I like njs.

DGAF about NJS, but this looks spot on. Would ride, A+

Good stuff yup!

Heavy…really? Looks about as heavy as a piece of paper. I’m not a bullhorns fan, but everything else is poifect.

sweet lookin’ ride Dylz :wink:

I doubt it would be heavy. Seriously.

Looks rad.


Oh, he was being sarcastic, right?

Super clean ride!

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Thurston Moore: But you’re not going to eat all that watermelon, Mr. Frampton.

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Thanks for the kind words guys.

I do find it to be ok weight wise and certainly good enough for my needs. The only reason I think of it as heavy is due to taking a little heat from mates with alu track / carbon road bikes - but yeah it’s light enough.

i like bullhorns, i like your bike.