99c bonanza

wasnt there an ebay thread on this recently? with pics at brunswick velo?


*previous owner

$406.50… Probably should have parted it out. Someone got a bargain.

silly cheap
silly time to finish auction

not totally inspired or reassured by the ebay account’s feedback score. so did someone really get a bargain, or shafted?

Very good seller, the feedback is a result of him receiving the shafting.

OP is the seller.

So if you wanna make $300 more on your track bike sale, take photos at Harrison st velo it seems…

good to know, thanks.

Wow that went cheap. I didn’t even bother watching it thinking it was bound to skyrocket.

Absolute bargain, and happy to help out/see the back of it

Ha, that was the original listing…

If you want to make $406.5, take a few flicks along the Frankston line