A 100km ride into melbourne. Ideas.

newbie question.

Wanted to do about 100kms ride or so finishing in melbourne. Get a train to a place and ride back. Anyone got any ideas of a good ride. A group of 6 of us on the fixies went to Mornington and bak on sat morning and it was a blast (except for the hill just outside frankston). Was hoping maybe through some cool countryside, maybe some forest or national parks.

thanks in advance.

apologies if this is in the wrong section.

if you’ve got a car and a weekend…


I would like to ride to/from Ballarat, think it’s around 100k’s. There’s also Seymour about the same distance…or Colac via Geelong. Woodend via Sunbury is a good ride, about 75k’s. Torquay is about 100k’s away…plenty of options.

ok i may be setting myself up here… but when you say trail, its a road? or is it like a fire trail, eg dirt etc?

it’s fully sealed the entire way. only completely sealed rail trail in victoria :slight_smile:

we were thinking train to bendigo then ride to ballarat, then train home from there.

I would advise against this. I drive to Colac semi-regularly and have often thought of riding but one glance at the shoulder of the road is all the discouragement i need.

How about Daylesford - Melbourne, just over 100kms and a train from Ballan gets you to not far away!

Yeah fair play, I think it’s well over 100k’s too.

Keir, I live out that way. The ride from Daylesford to Melbourne would be nice, but it you’re not a fan of hills, you wouldn’t like this one bit. Pretty much everywhere out this way is full of hills. Also, the Ballan station is about 40kms from Daylesford too.

I’d recomend catching a train to geelong and then riding to queenscliff/point lonsdale, port arlington, st leonards etc, it’s really nice out that way, then back to geelong and train home. Although that might be over 100kms.

Ride out to my house, have some beer, then ride back. 100 k’s

Get the train to to Frankston, Ride to Portsea, have an overpriced burger at the pub, soak in the view and then ride back - should be roughly 100kms. Don’t forget to take a right at the bunnings on the way out though, otherwise you end up on the Mornington Peninsular Freeway, and the local cops don’t much like that.

seen Google Maps ??? Use the add destination function, pretty easy really. :slight_smile:

And Chaz that ride is about 150kms :wink: Frankston VIC, Australia to Melbourne VIC, Australia - Google Maps

Kyneton to Melbourne via Gisborne http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Melbourne,+Victoria,+Australia&daddr=-37.6088627,144.5908737+to:Pipers+Creek+Rd&hl=en&geocode=FT0Ev_0dpPWjCCn3TbrStUbWajGQzYwhdVYEBA%3BFWIiwv0dGUieCCkdlspRPu7WajFAs9vrdFYEEw%3BFX63x_0dUGqcCA&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=1&sz=10&dirflg=ht&sll=-37.496652,144.83139&sspn=0.722378,1.553192&ie=UTF8&z=10&via=1

Na, I’m saying Franga, to Portsea and back to Franga. - 109kms.

Learn to love hills… then go to st andrews/kangaroo ground and out that way. or catch the train to lilydale and head out around the yarra valley. you could clock up 100km easy around that area on some awesome roads.

Oops. Stand corrected.

Mind you - I think the ride from Melourne to Portsea and back is pretty fun - sure, it’s 200kms - but you’ll be supprised how far you can ride if you’ve got some mates with you and a decent lunch break at the halfway mark.