a bike for the girlfriend

I think the only way to get the gf into riding is to get her a bike. She’s certainly not making any effort to procure one for herself.

I really can’t decide which direction to take:
The bike should be good enough that it’s not a chore to ride.
It also needs to look fairly nice I imagine.
I would say as a first bike a step-through or something easy to get on and off would be beneficial as a first bike at least.
I’d say gears are a must.


what has been the experience of others getting reluctant partners to start (and ultimately love) riding? Any failures?

I told my girlfriend flat out that I was never gonna build her a bike. She kept hastling me until I did. It’s a small geared roady, she loves it, and as a result likes to ride it. She’s getting much better too.

I just got her a fuji track. She was obliged to ride it because it was a present and she ended up loving it. I’d say she rides more then I do now. I pussy out on real rainy days and take the bus. She just keeps on riding.

If I may be so bold you could take this off my hands for free
And the one or two old gear sets I’ve got laying around.
And build her up something.

Or you could show her you really love her by coughing up the dough and buying the Giant CRX3 my girlfriend never ever rides anymore, It shiny and red, you know how girls like shiny things.