A bike from Ikea - the Bikea

See: http://www.core77.com/posts/51805/Ikea-to-Begin-Selling-a-Chain-less-Bicycle

Ikea has announced that it will be selling a unisex, semi-step-through, low maintenance, belt drive bike called the Sladda (not the Salada). It seems to be aimed at non-cyclists. It has a disc front brake, a back-pedal rear brake, sealed hub gears and automatic shifting. It isn’t clear how many gears, or whether its some kind of CVT (ala NuVinci). The projected price is €699/ USD $797/ AUD $1,025 for general sale and €499/ USD $569/ AUD $735 for members of the Ikea Family loyalty program.

If it gets more people riding, then that’s a great thing.

If it has the long design life of some of Ikea’s other products, then that would be a real achievement.

Thoughts? Jokes?

My partner showed me this this morning. She’s excited and she’s a daily commuter. I think it’s good, even if I don’t love 80% of things IKEA does.

I was keen on a bike that can dis/assembled with only one allen key. Disappointed.

This would be a great short distance shopping bike. IMHO. Until I change my mind.

As someone who knows very little about bikes, is it worth the price tag?
Seems excessive for Ikea.

You’ll have to pick the individual parts from six different isles of the warehouse and one will always be out of stock.

They could be popular as fleet bikes for business and touristy places

Hey why the hell not. At their Copenhagen store you can borrow a cargo bike or trailer to take your purchases home, and the IKEA design office in Malmo is just over the other side of the Øresund Bridge.

MUJI and a few other japanese companies already offer these (as well as offering them for hire in major cities) - so its a tested idea which is pretty cool.

Bike itself looks like most of these ‘modern town’ bikes (Biomega and Vanmoof of the previous front runners) and really only appeal to the wealthy + design conscious. Does the same thing as any town bike, but looks more steal-able.

in the aus market i’m not so sure, i get punters in every day of the week freaking out about spending $500

ugh, yeah.

will this look good in my warehouse apartment?

I think you’re right. There’s too many reid / 99 bikes $200-300 specials about and people will go for price over low maintenance etc. The majority probably wouldn’t do maintenance so takes out that variable and some include service plans.

Over $1k, aimed at non cyclist. Ha, not in Aus.

I like it.
The simplicity of adding the accessories and ease of use, along with seemingly low maintenance requirements. I think if the target market is urbanites who want to do away with a car (or not use one at all) it’s more convenient than a cargo bike and I think they’ll sell.

The amount of those horrific green/purple/black kmart $99 travesties I see on the way to work daily makes me think this will fall flat on it’s arse.

Still, I’ll grab one when they’re $99 in the discount section. I can use the left over dollar to get a hot dog.