a car rally... but on bikes!

my boss just asked me if this term we could run a bike ride for the kids, but you know, more like a car rally… but on bikes.

i said yeah, i’ve got some experience organizing things like that.

possible themes?

remembering, of course, that i work with juvenile delinquents.

have a look at MBO - Mountain Bike Orienteering - or Cyclegaines - rogaining on bikes for inspiration?

Sooooo… I don’t know you outside these forums, but when you say kids… what sort of age is it? And I am guessing you are a school teacher?
My wife is a primary school teacher (Year 1) so I could ask her as well?

My first thought is Tour de France. Teach the kids about France… the rally checkpoints could contain a poster that the kids researched and designed themselves with 5 facts on each poster. At the next checkpoint is a little quiz based on the previous checkpoint… and so on.

Troubled teens i believe.

You could call it “Death Race” Kind of like Battle Royale but with bikes.


Why not take them to the dump, choose a bike fix it up pimp it out go on a ride.
plenty of lessons in that.

yeah, i’m a secondary school teacher. big kids. behaviour school.

i did look at orienteering. could be fun!

Ah, if thats the case. Then my original idea sounds a little lame.

What about something like the amazing race? You give them clues as to where they have to ride to. Once they get to the point, they have to complete some sort of challenge (blowing up a balloon after eating a dry weet-bix) before getting their next clue. All challenges could be timed, so the actual winner of the race isn’t the overall winner.

I actually remember seeing something done around Sydney on that getaway show.

Sydney’s own amazing race

From experience, orienteering usually means heaps of pot smoking and fucking in the bushes. I dont know what your kids are like, but i remember what me and my friends were like. so maybe keep that in mind.

do they have bikes? or do you need to supply them? You could take em mountain biking maybe?

whatever you do, set up a course so they have to ride past the hellkrew tent. that should sort them out!

these kids will all be supervised at all times. there are only 8 of them, and 4 teachers.

the school has a set of old, crappy mountain bikes. fixing them up could take a whole day…

There’s a day well spent teaching em to appreciate what they’ll be riding.
Some sort of alley cat/checkpoint, clue collection scenario applied to a MTB ride in a state forest /MTB park possibly?

Cool idea -
but, is it really ideal putting ‘behaviour school’ kids on bad bikes.
I remember being put on some piece of crap that weighted a tonne and told i was going to have a great time riding this thing across Sydney… It sucked and made my very mild anger issues get a whole lot bigger.
So, don’t make them ride too far if they are crap, heavy, slow bikes


Do they all own their own bikes?
Also pot smoking and fucking in the bushes sounds good.

Anyway if they have their own bikes then maybe do some kinda thing where they’ve gotta ride along and do some kinda Alleycat thingo, where they get yelled at by jay dougrey and have to go and buy some fish and that, which’ll teach them about dealing with lunatics and purchasing delicious white meats. And budgeting their money. Only give them $17. Cigarettes? Maybe, but like then they can’t afford the fish.

A supervised alley cat / amazing race / puzzle cat / photo cat could work. Surely they all own mobile phones that can take photos… maybe make checkpoints where they have to find a certain object etc and take a photo of it?

Set each one in a different place in the Lerderderg gorge, in August, with nothing but a sheet of clues. Then they have to find bike bits, find tools, find each other, cooperate, build bikes and ride out before freezing to death.

can I send some of my students too?

edit: it would be OK if yours used mine as food

If these are trouble making kids, and you send them off on an alley cat, are they actually going to ride around to all the spots or just bail and go rob a grandma?! They’ve got bikes now, they can make a quick getaway.

i would fucking love to watch some “troubled teen” trying to make a break from speed machine xbbx