A concept bike I actually like .. and want !!!!


butchers + bicycles releases the mk1 tilt-action cargo trike

I like it,

Now they need to articulate the load compartment so it doesn’t tilt when the bike does and stays level. Stop all your junk from getting flung back and forth

first thoughts were…

Wouldn’t it be more likely to fling around if it stayed flat? I reckon tilting with the turn - like this does - would be better.

I’m pretty sure there already is a cargo trike with rack and pinion type steering and a non-articulating load. Can’t remember which one it is. It means that the load carrying area is compromised by the wheels turning. Probably handles better than the Christianas that just articulate through the middle.

Yup its a pretty sweet ride but $4.4K AUD not including shipping or tax. Sweet jesus thats a pricey little number.

This is the one.

There were years when I spent that on ciggies and have nothing to show for it 'cept stained teeth and shit lungs. Pricey … yes, but not ridiculous for some who really want such a vehicle.

Looks like a dogs breakfast compared to the dutchy

Oh yeah, totally agree, and it certainly doesn’t look like a cheap bike to manufacture either. Still think I’d probably go a Bullit and pocket the spare grand.

I’d go the other way … thinking for an extra grand I could ride this whilst being totally drunk & high :slight_smile: