A couple of fugglies in Radelaide

Not a fan personally, but seems plenty here are, so heres a couple in S.A for the fanbois

Allsop Powercurve 7000 series frame (eBay item 170666301262 end time 17-Jul-11 20:21:03 AEST) : Sport

Soft Ride Qualifier 650 +Carbon wheels | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Prospect

I prefer it when you post Macini’s

Sorry about that, I’ll lift my game in future.

I just had to duck out to the shed and cleanse my eyes by ogling my Paconi frame. Speaking of which, I’m on the hunt constantly for a budget donor with a full 105 7 speed group if anyone sees one.Failing that, come summer it will get the running gear(9sp tiagra) from my commuter flicked onto it.

Isn’t everything in adelaide fugly?*

*I am well kidding, what it lacks in ‘things Dylan’s interested in’, it makes up for by having ‘things that are good to look at’
Most fun I’ve ever had near water was at Glenelg beach when my gifriend was freaking the fuck out when a dolphin swam over to her and she thought it was a shark.
Took a long time to convince me to get into the water. Didn’t take her long to gtfo.
Also I like that the airport is right in the middle of the action.