A crazy friend of mine needs our knowledge, support and well wishes.


How on earth did you know? :wink:


This world just got smaller.

I thought for sure the foa world would be safe from his dangerous influence. It appears I was wrong, we’re all doomed.

A spare set of arse cheeks

More seriously - 2 brakes and a freewheel on the other side of the hub. Set of drops - risers will get old rapidly when he’s out there. Cleats. Another month to prepare and set up the bike properly.

Edit: Just looked at the distance, to say his quest is ambitious is an under statement - 320km and 1861m worth of climbing. He might need to pack an extra day or 2.

lucky you told him to get steel otherwise this wouldnt be real

That’s the cool thing about the internet, it’s hard to figure out just how much time people have spent on their rad jokes.

alexb618 needs no time to make joke. he IS a joke.


I think he’s planning on it taking about 18+ hours. He’s now been informed by shifter Dan that drops aren’t the way to go and that he’d be better with more of a townie style bar for comfort. Man I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

It’s kinda like watching a car crash in incredibly slow motion.

townie bars? comfort on the flat maybe… wouldnt want to be climbing on them personally. Maybe get a set of bullhorns and a look ergostem. Flip em up for flatland comfort and back forward to climb.

This^^ Townie bars suck to climb on. IMHO Nitto noodles would be spot on, or any drop with lots of flat and ramp area. Or something.

Someone else say something funny about alex618b or HMC.

18+ hours? I think the “+” will be about the same as the 18 personally. 17.77kmh average at 18 hours. With all the climbing and rest breaks the average will be about 10. Each to their own but theres no effing way I would ride 100km on townie bars let alone 320, with that kind of elevation. I don’t know the guy and I’m sure he’s a top bloke but Shifter Dan is either taking the piss out of him or has likely never done any real touring, 100km + day in day out. The thing here is multiple hand positions - like as many as possible and width for leverage. I would use a good set of drops, with just a little saddle drop, and run levers with hoods.

What is the furtherest distance our expeditionist has ridden?

Problem solved…

So it’s pretty flat til you get to Hotham itself. If he’s doing it with a gearie mate and they work together they could make pretty good time out to Harrietville. Gotta think that he’d be in a world of pain after 12+ hours in the saddle and no long-distance riding under his belt though. Hands, shoulders, neck, arse. Maybe his fit is already pretty good and he can just dose up on nurofen and tough it out? Having a geared friend to ride with would make a big difference, specially if that guy has done a lot of distance riding and can pace him well.

Dunno the guy but I wouldn’t write him off yet.

Nice, this solves the problem of carrying clothes, tools, spare batteries etc.

As for the furthest distance, I’d say about 40kms. Oh man this is gonna be so much fun… I think he may be borrowing my ss cx for it, drops, relaxed geo, fat tyre clearance, good times and heartache ahead (cue ball, dick and/or ass joke).
Also you can all talk about how much it won’t happen etc, but this dude’s stubborn, if he wants to do this, he will (well, he’ll attempt it anyway).

^^^Agreed. If he makes it he will be a total champion, but only if he does it on a hire bike.