a girls bike

so here is the parlee Z4 build thread…


2010 parlee z4 size small
gruppo 2010 campag chorus
wheels custom 24/20h triplet laced rear to kinlin rims
bars eastern ec90 aero 40cm
stem and post 3TTT team both with ti bolt kits
headset cane creek IS 40
saddle and pedals to yet be determined…

build weight i worked out is a shade over 6.5kgs

wait for bar tape and a seat clamp… then finish putting it together…
totally loving the blue skewers too they are going to look sweet with the frame panels

got tape that i’ll put on tonight and maybe the chain too…

need the dam seat post clamp… would you believe its a 38.2mm clamp which is not a very easy thing to find…

still waiting on the saddle, seat post clamp and some black bottle cages!! come on wiggle…

this lizard skin DSP tape is very nice to wrap and to use it’s fast becoming my favourite tape

fitted tape, pedals and diaed in the brakes, was going o fit the chain but i didn’t feel like winding up smelling of chain grease.
so close!!!

it’s really going to be a nice wee bike!!

ok chain fitted, shifters dailled in, cables cut and capped. if those pricks at wiggle can get the saddle and seat clamp here in the next few then Victoria will have her very own parlee
i’m getting the new front wheel for this back in the morning too…

i’m surprised by the lack of comments on this… maybe the bike is a little to sensible for ya’ll :wink:

who’s it for?

A girl friend of mine.
She brought the bars, stem, wheels and gruppo from me
And the frame second hand for $1000
I think the total is a little under 3k
Not too bad and I got rid of a bunch of things sitting around taking up space…

look, i don’t pretend to know anything about bikes. but i’ll tell you this, it looks freakin rad.

a seat post clamp…

it’s all this bike is missing…


Nice kanye. Killer build for ONLY 3k

i’m pretty pleased with it!! i’ll take it out side and get some nice pics in the morning

i’t’s mostly second hand parts though a new z4 like this is a 6-8k bike…

shes very happy with her new machine… now if the damp clamp will turn up i can dial it in and cut that spacer stack down!

dude, looks totes rad! dont you think so mckenny?

my road build atm was aiming to be under 3k but i think it will be more like 3.5, having some fork issues. but for that sort of money you couldnt hope for much better, once again awesome job

ok so it’s done… we were a little rushed… and the seat clamp didn’t turn up… victora flys back to the UK in the morning.

so i had to use a hose clamp for a seat post…

6.9kgs… new seat post, pedals, cages, expander bolt, topcap and bit more alloy and Ti boltage would bring this thing down very quickly into the 6.5kg bracket
also for he record… ladies saddles totally suck

very happy with the results though, i road it around alittle before she picked it up. tiz a very nice wee bike

and she thinks it’s totally amazing!!!

and thats what counts

That’s totally correct!
It’s a shame I didn’t get time to remove the spacer stack, put a real seat post clamp on it or just dial it in just nice! While the hose clamp as a seat clamp is totally horrid it’s also very effective and a little inspired
The shifting is slick but the saddle position and bar angle could be worked on a little.
She’s going to take it to a shop in London town when she gets home to sort out the spacer stack!
I really like the colour match I managed with the skewers they really finish the bike.

So we aren’t even going to get to see this around? That sucks.

She’s going back to England for a few months
I reckon she’ll be back sooner than later once she settles back into the lovely weather there.