a knog store...

is opening on chapel street on the 18th of March! :slight_smile:


What’s a knog? And can it be controlled with the regular application of an antiseptic cream?

this is a knog… once you have one you must abandon all hope. This chick has three… poor old girl.

she should get nipples tattooed on. then she’d be hot.

I’m not sure where the line is but I’m pretty sure you are on the other side of it.

us | chromeo craigc

Best response ever…hahahahahaha!!! I bow to your comedic timing

Is that Mother Teresa?

Oh, the store… what’s it going to sell, lights and poxy bags?

guess so. the lights are good. i’ve not bought anything else. their marketing schtick seems to take precedence over their product, though.

Gee… that’s unusual in the fixed gear world.

I just want those gloves, the love/hate ones…

oh man… even those are pox.

bicycle union gloves are better.

Those gloves are so hard core I think I shit my pants.

yeah dude, when your wearing these gloves your so hardcore that you shit razorblades and dont even flinch.

EDIT: pissed someone off.

Go hardcore or go home.

And, if you haven’t seen the film, you should.
Robert Mitchum in Night Of The Hunter - 1955

word on the street has it the knog store is going to stock a lot of swobo stuff. including their bikes. now i’m more interested.

You know, if you squint at these, they could almost be Slapshot gloves.
At least they arent fucking Misfits merch.

the bicycle union logo is a total slapshot rip off erle!

and apparently they don’t deny it either.