A list of rides that happen around Melburn

Is there a list of regular roadie rides/shoprides anywhere to be found?

I’m wanting to start riding again regularly but have a few requirements ie. no mornings because work starts at 7am but arvo’s after 4pm are ok as are evenings.
Thinking to try at least a couple of times a week but slowly at first because I’m still recovering from a broken collarbone.

Posting up and asking on here and FB has worked in the past and I’ve asked mate as well but have been let down more times than I’d care to remember, riding alone just isn’t fun and doesn’t push me.

Also I haven’t ridden in months so fairly out of shape.


Here is some but pretty quick
Melbourne Bunch Rides | CyclingTips
I think there is a couple of mid week mtb rides too.

Nice share. A friend of mine is looking for this information.