A move to Sydney (from Melbourne)

Hey All, I might need to make the move to Sydney for work in the next few months. I have been trawling realestate.com.au for studio - 1 bedroom places, but I have no clue as to which areas I would best be avoiding, other than Redfern. Would like to live within 5km of the Sydney CBD, on the Sydney side of the harbour.

Any tips? Rough weekly pricing etc would be greatly appreciated.

i wouldn’t discount redfern. it has some pockets of ace.

yeah, Redfern is great, but beginning to get a bit more expensive. Within 5ks of CBD looking at up to $350 a week for 1 bedroom apt, a bit less for studios, and around $120 -$200pw for share houses.

rental market is pretty dire at the moment in the inner city/inner west/eastern suburbs.

McKenny is correct. I was living at Alexandria, which is right next to Redfern, and is pretty good. I’d be checking Redfern/Alexandria/Waterloo etc. Also, Annandale/Stanmore/Enmore. Marrickville is worth checking as well. A touch further out past Newtown but it’s got a lot going for it.

I’ve got no idea about pricing. Just have a look and see what things are going for. And keep in mind that Sydney is a pretty tight rental market.

I’m sure others will chime in about how good the Eastern Suburbs are, but you pay a premium over there.

Edit: Rcoh has filled in on pricing n that…

East good!! West not so good but a lot cheaper
Depends on your budget, it’s all getting expensive close to the city…

Thanks for the info and especially the suburb list.

I was just going on what I have heard about the place, but I suppose it would be similar to our Footscray. Only some dodgy areas that ruin the overall feel of the place.

How’s the public transport system there? Here it… works… I hear that it’s pretty pricey… Any more than ~$30 for a weekly full fare for areas listed by heavymetal??

Nah, those areas would be pretty cheap for PT, assuming you’ll be working in the city. Riding is easy enough (dont believe the hype about the hills) but with summer coming having a shower at work is a good idea.

O.K. great. Thanks for the info guys.

Yeah I could live in Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Paddington etc, but haven’t to date.
Anywhere north of the harbour bridge is pricey, but the area is better than everywhere else in Sydney if you dont mind not having a beach within walking distance. I’m paying over $300p/w for a studio at Kirribilli, but I have epic harbour views, and a lock up garage.

The inner city suburbs are a bit more compressed than Melbourne, so everywhere is easily accessible on a bike. You dont need a car at all if your within 5km of the CBD.

I was living in Surry Hills until recently, and had a studio just up the road from Central Station. When we were leaving they upped the rent to$450 p/week.This place was tiny.

Inner-city places advertised on the internet always have higher prices than older word-of-mouth share houses. Im in a big place in Surry Hills with only $150 pw by word-of-mouth so posting on places like here could be much better than realestate.com.au

Thanks for the tip brox, I might look into that when and if the time draws near.

I found some decent places in the $200 to $250 mark in the areas listed by heavymetal which will be my starting point.

good site, and have used it myself.

It’s pretty competitive finding a place to rent, there were queues down the street at a lot of the Saturday inspections earlier in the year, and that was for small cockroach-infested places in Newtown.
One way to avoid all that is to speak to the real estate agents during the week, in person, and you can sometimes get in before it hits domain.com etc.
I found a place that they hadn’t advertised yet, because they were still deciding with the owner how much to renovate it. I said don’t worry about fixing it up, had a look that arvo, and moved in the next day.

/\ This. Only way we got our place.

Plus - Its a totally different market if you want a share house. I didn’t, so that limited us to places we could afford on our own.

Awesome tip. Thankyou.

All of what these guys said is good. Randwick/Kensington/Waterloo are all pretty good too. Kensington has a lot of student accommodation which would be more affordable. You could be my riding buddy too (I live in kensington), cos everyone else is buying houses and moving away :frowning:

Soz :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Yeah - If I could afford a house near the city I might still be there. But I couldn’t. So I’m not. I’m closer for RNP rides now though :slight_smile:

And the gorges are on my doorstep, so it’s not a total washout…