A one-off flip-flop fixie is born

I’ve been thinking about what to do with an 8 year old mtb frame I have for a while. Last week I was browsing online and found this fixie solution from Velo Solo Welcome to VeloSolo Bikes that enables you to fix the cog onto the disc brake mount. This means that on the freehub side, you can run another cog, making a hybrid flip-flop fixie & free wheel bike (flip-flop because you can flip the wheel over to change :D).

My blog shows progress so far Ultimate Hybrid Bike - A one-off flip-flop fixie is born

… so that’s the project. A hybrid front suspension freehub street bike or a super fast fixie for getting to and from work nice and quick.

spam some where else your prices are higher than my local shop (gear) and they give back to cycling and have great service.

Shop with no service?
And Mbingu, can explain the term flip-flop a bit better please?

I mean gear has great service these guys don’t my brain is frozen from a 5am ride shit I’m still cold.

Regardless of the “blog” VeloSolo have some good gear at good prices, pity they are so far away. Their bolt on cog system is in my opinion innovative.

I have no affiliation with Velo, I’m just a bloke building a bike. I like their solution therefore I mention it and put the link for everyone’s benefit. Great, if there’s a local shop somewhere in Aus that’s got the same thing only cheaper, but you obviously didn’t invest in Google search, otherwise, you’d have my business. Far out! :confused:

Easy, tiger.
Cynicism is to be expected when you pop in here and your first post has a link straight to a product website… I had a look at your blog and there’s also a lot of mention of that velo company: it looks a lot like an advertisement, even if it isn’t.
So back off. There’s a lot of people on here who are passionate about cycling and bikes, and if you hang around and play your cards right you’ll get some good advice and knowledge and shit talking. Just try and avoid looking like a company shill.

@heavymetal fair enough. Will engage in non-product related biking banter. Happy posting!

I didn’t think bolt on cogs were anything new… I reckon I’ve been seeing them for around for a while.

They showed up on here ages ago from memory.