A Paul Milnes, Reynolds 531 - 53x57

Paul Milnes (UK) Road Bike, Reynolds 531, Campagnolo (eBay item 330548496209 end time 07-Apr-11 20:10:44 AEST) : Sport

That’s forum member Rcoh’s and has been outed her I think?

Yeah, that’s mine - I started the following thread on the day I listed it:


Perhaps my title could have been better but I wasn’t sure about the protocol of putting you’re own ebay listings in the ebay section.

are those measurements an indication of a more touring orientated frame?Seems way longer than it’s ST measurement.

It just means the top tube is longer than the seat tube. There’s many other variants that determine frame style (touring - racing etc) such as frame angles, bottom bracket height, wheelbase, length of stays, how far the seatpost is behind the bottom bracket, head tube length, fork rake etc.

Yeah, i realised that, just curious as to why such a large dif.
I know track frames are quite often shorter in the TT than the ST, but this seemed like a large variation(4 cm) in the other direction which had me curious.if you were short of leg and long in the torso(like a duck) then i guess it would make sense.

Could be … but like I mentioned without analyzing the other data it’ll be just guessing.