A pretty sensible cycling article

The curious effect of Lycra-clad cyclists on otherwise rational people | Steven Herrick | Comment is free | theguardian.com

Yep, and the fuckwit responses have started already. Mostly pretty sensible though.

Yeah, but like, fuck rego tho.

Check out the tough guy.

If based on vehicle wieght, I really wouldn’t mind paying the couple of bucks a year it would cost, especially if it went into cycle infrastructure investment or safety campaigns

You’d find your couple of dollars a year would end up barely covering the admin cost of your “rego”.

Perhaps we should register pedestrians. We can tattoo a number on their forehead incase they J walk or take a piss down an alley.

I’m not trying to be a douche, i’m succeeding :stuck_out_tongue:

Beaten :"(

Yeah, totally acknowledge that

The issue of Rego - Straight out of the report

Summary - Not a good idea as it will not remedie any of the real pertinent issues of saftey or accountability

7.3 Committee comment
The Committee has examined the various arguments put in submissions and at public hearings
regarding the impacts and benefits of bicycle registration and understands that this issue causes a
considerable amount of tension between motorists and cyclists in Queensland.
The Committee notes the claim made that because cyclists do not pay bicycle registration they are
not contributing to the cost of road or cycling infrastructure. However, the Committee does not
accept this argument based on the following facts:

  • more than 80% of cyclists pay car registration and are not driving their car when they are
    riding thereby reducing the impact of motor vehicles on the road infrastructure
  • council rates and federal taxes (such as the GST) are the main source of road revenue and
    cyclists pay rates and GST along with other road users
  • cyclists save the community $0.60 for each kilometre they ride instead of drive.345

The Committee acknowledges the concern that it is difficult to hold cyclists accountable for their
actions if they breach the road rules as there is no way of identifying them unless they are “caught in
the act”. However, the Committee is of the view that the significant negative consequences of
introducing a registration scheme far outweigh the limited benefits of such a scheme.
The Committee is therefore recommending against the registration of bicycles, or the licensing of
cyclists, in Queensland on the basis that:

  • the registration or license fee is likely to be a disincentive to cycling with all the associated
    health and environmental benefits
  • there is little evidence that registration would improve road safety
  • it would not be cost efficient due to the administrative resources required
  • most adult cyclists also own a car and pay registration and regardless, most road funding
    comes from council rates and federal taxes
     by choosing to ride instead of drive, cyclists are helping the community by reducing traffic
    congestion, parking demand, pollution, road costs and health costs caused by lack of exercise.

I don’t understand why governments of all levels can’t get behind cycle infrastructure. Even the RAC thinks its a good idea.

I saw an article on TV the other week about how in London the amount of people cycling to work has sky rocketed, to the point where Boris Johnson has allocated a fairly large chunk of money into the London cycling infrastructure.

Thanks for that Stu. it’s good to see a thorough examination of the issue.The ‘roads are paid by rates and federal money’ is a good point since my drivers seem to think it come from rego

Cos the mouth breathers in state government have too many vested interests in building toll roads and tunnels instead. Pro tip: see where retired premiers end up working when they finish up in politics. coughbobcarrcough

This was a bit chicken-&-egg. A little bit of infrastructure raised cycling rates, which caused more infrastructure spending etc.

Actually not the case and the infrastructure in London is pretty abysmal. People got sick of taking packed tubes and buses which are also very slow. Bozza’s predecessor introduced the london congestion charge which is now about 10 quid a day and motor traffic is still shockingly congested and slow going. The fixie craze happened, cycling was cool again. Loads of people started riding and found out it was awesome. They told their friends and colleagues. Then they started riding. The governement introduced the tax free cycle to work (tax free bike purchase under 1k in installments). Then Boris painted some fat blue lines here and there. Then even more people started riding. The LCC is also an amazing campaign mouth piece who have been championing cycling in London for many years. They do all the hard and often boring lobbying of councils and govenment and deserve a lot of credit for how things are for cyclist in London right now. A quick check of their website reveals just how organised and influential they are.

Apologies, I’ve been deceived.

It’s an interesting article. The minor issue of ‘what you wear’ actually opens up a pandora box: why motorists hate cyclists, how some cyclists (such as the author) feel somewhat guilty for wearing Lycra (interesting to see the comments with all those cyclists distancing themselves from certain cyclists by saying they never wear Lycra), and the question of cyclists not using the cycle path.
On this last issue I have the feeling that more cycling infrastructure is a double-edged sword: it’s great, but it also fosters the idea in anti-cycling motorists’ brains that cyclists should be contained within bike paths. “Look, our hard-earned tax money went to pay for these fuckers’ paths and they ride on the road!”
People need to understand that there are many types of cycling, many abilities, many reasons for doing it. I know a number of guys in my club who are serious racers but who never commute on their bike. Others are consumed by cycling, race, commute and maybe even sleep with their steed.
As for the rego question. I’d be be damn surprised if it was established according to the same rules rego is calculated for cars. The government would know that most cyclists are working/middle class and can probably afford a significant amount for a bike rego. One argument against bike rego would be to say that we need to recognise the ‘service’ bikes do to the environment. No use of precious resources, lower level of danger etc etc.

Nah motorists just have to get over it.
When a car in Sydney takes 2.5 hours to travel 30km on a Wednesday afternoon (as happened to my mate yesterday going to the airport) the system is clearly broken and alternative transport has to come to the fore.
Our car-centric lifestyles can get fucked.

This isn’t exclusive of federal politics, our fearless leader has expressed his intent to be the ‘infrastructure PM’…

If you assume infrastructure is the disinvestment in public transport, and any thing but boosting toll roads (west-connex… sigh)

Yeh, there was no presumption that it was state-based only. I know that Abbott has promised minimal or no funding for public transport, like the commcar riding fuckwit that he is.

Public transport has never really been a federal responsibility.