A question for those who trick

I’ve been wanting to ask this for a while now but I honestly mean no disrespect when I do.
The tricks on fixed bikes seem much less ‘tricky’ or intricate than on say bmx, trials, mountain bikes etc.
I’m wondering the reason for that.
Is it because of the pedals keep turning?
Is it due to the size of the bikes and the weight of them?

Again I mean no disrespect to those who do trick. I haven’t tried it so I have no idea how hard it is.


I’m sure someone else will have a better answer, but yeah, I think it has a lot to do with size of bike and the mechanics of the fixed wheel drivetrain.

I also think it has to do with the fact that tricks on fixed gear bicycles are in their infancy. How many years of development in BMX style have there been? Freestyle BMX can be traced back to what, the late 70s perhaps?

Less tricky?As in they don’t look as good? or difficult? Its a very very very new sport, still trying to find its direction. Check BMX/Skateboarding out when it first started. Guys were going crazy for very simple stuff. Fixed Freestyle is evolving a lot quicker then BMX or Skateboarding ever did and i put that down to BMX being where it is today. Fixed Gear Freestyle has taken a lot of inspiration from BMX both street and flatland.

Maybe to an outsider it looks less tricky/technical but when your attempting stuff on a fixed gear it doesn’t feel that way. Especially when you pull something off you been trying for ages. The fact that your strapped in and the pedals keep turning means you have to time your tricks or they won’t work. The weight of the bike doesn’t have to much to do with tricks. Its how you use your bike. Wheel size does make a difference aswell.

Here’s two web edits for you Azz. The first one is Garrett Reynolds latest video which i would regard as his best. Massive airs and very fast moving smooth lines! The second video was released yesterday and its features 3 top fixed freestyle riders at the moment. I would say this video is the best edit out in a long while. Both videos in their own right are both very tricky and ballsy.



FARK! Reynolds is a freak! How many combo’s? :-o

wow Gypsy that video was awesome.

I think everyone has hit the nail on the head. compare early BMX to fixed and you’ll find fixed has progressed more in a much shorter time.

Thanks Gypo

and again I meant no disrespect to anyone who does trick on fixed.

All good :slight_smile: