A Question of Ratios...

Well, the girlie is gone and signed us up for the ATB (Around the Bay). Given that she has very little cycling under her belt it’s going to be a slow ride. There’s no way I’m doing it geared, way too easy.

What gear would you guys run? We’re only doing the 100 km’s from Sorento.

Currently running 46 x 18 on my Ken and that’s pretty cruisy to push around the streets.

44:18. That is the only option.

Well then you’re NOT doing “Around the Bay”…are you??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorrento to Melb the only hard press is Balcombe hill - I do it without too much discomfort in a low-mid-60s gear on the roadie, and I’m old and very fat.

If you’re doing the ride slow, I’d suggest sticking with the lower gearing. Much better to spin out 100km than muscle it out slowly on a high gear.


It will be a pretty slow ride. I’ll be riding with a bunch of work type peoples, my brother in-law and his father, none of which are particularly fit cyclists.

Maybe I’ll use a wheelset with a flip flop hub. That way I can change gears if necessary. :wink: