A quiet little gathering...

Listen up pork chops.
Who’s the guy that puts on kick ass races that always involve you having a revoltingly good time?
Who’s the guy that comes to your events, pisses himself bleeds from the head and makes it a party?
Who’s the guy that can race and booze harder than anyone in this town?
Who’s big 3-0 is it?

No, for the love of fuck, it’s not me.
It’s the skinny saint of Melbin: LANE TIPRAT DELL.

Come and show some respect and kiss his big toe(whilst laying a slab down next to him), whilst you can. According to calculations he should not have made it this far, he is splitting traffic on his 12th life.

This Friday no one gets out of Westonia alive.

pls can someone make the flyer big and get it on the front page. If it cant be fixed with gaff or a cable tie, how in the fuck?